elementary OS Freya keeps getting better

'Never trust a random code or command from the web, you should know what you are doing,' we've been warning our readers for a while now about the need for understanding what you are about to do by copy-pasting and executing a random command from the internet. Well, eOS Freya went one step ahead and implemented this feature right into its Terminal.

elementary OS Freya

elementray OS Freya beta 2
Freya beta 2 was released the other day and it came with a treasure trove of new features and changes. Among them, this tiny little feature went unnoticed.

Whenever you try copy-pasting a command to Terminal that asks for root access (has sudo in it), Freya will warn you with the following message: "This command is asking for Administrative access to your computer. Copying commands from the Internet can be dangerous. Be sure you understand what each part of this command does." A welcome addition in my opinion, especially when you consider the fact that a lot of elementary/Ubuntu adopters are first time Linux users.

However, I would still prefer to have a "never show this again" tickbox along with it as an option, so that experienced users are not bothered.
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