BitTorrent Bleep hits Alpha: Secure peer-to-peer chat client (voice & text)

bittorrent bleep for android

People don't take online privacy and security lightly anymore. TOX could soon become the safest Skype alternative we'll have been waiting for. There has been a barrage of WhatsApp alternatives that respects your privacy ever since its acquisition by Facebook. Bleep, a peer-to-peer chat client with voice and text messaging capabilities, takes things to a whole new level. Could Bleep be the safe and secure alternative to Viber and even WhatsApp to an extent?

BitTorrent Bleep for Android
  • Bleep is currently in alpha, so it is still pretty rough around the edges.
  • Bleep is a peer-to-peer chat client, meaning there’s no central server that can see your messages or metadata.
  • Use it on WiFi only for the time being (consumes more data and battery than it normally should, fixes are on the way). 
  • Messages sent are fully encrypted and stored locally.
  • Bleep is NOT open source, which makes it harder to verify their claims.
peer to peer chat for android