Synergy could be the coolest Open Source App I have used in a long time

synergy keyboard and mouse sharing for ubuntu 14.04

Synergy is a cross-platform and open source tool for sharing one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers seamlessly. Though the real use of this technology must be for enterprise users, individual users can have a lot of fun with this powerful tool as well.

Synergy 1.5 Stable Released
Synergy project was started way back in 2001. It is used in situations where several PCs are used together, with a monitor connected to each, but are to be controlled by one user. The user needs only one keyboard and mouse on the desk. Just a few weeks ago, Synergy version 1.5 (stable) was released. Though Synergy was Windows only earlier, it is now cross-platform and works seamlessly on Mac OSX and Linux as well.
Get past the donate page and you'll notice that DEB and RPM packages for Linux are available. If you're on Ubuntu, download the 32/64-bit version according to your requirements. Either double-click to install it OR do the following in Terminal (while in Ubuntu).

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/synergy-1.5.0-r2278-Linux-i686.deb

Point to the correct Synergy file (consider the above Synergy file name as indicative only) and you're done. Synergy 1.5 is up and ready to go.

How to use Synergy in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?
  • Launch Synergy software from the primary computer (the one which you want to use as the server whose keyboard and mouse will be the ones in use).
synergy keyboard and mouse sharing for ubuntu 14.04
  • Hit the Configure Server button (Server option will be selected by default). 
synergy keyboard and mouse sharing for linux, windows, mac
  • Drag the screen to which ever "square" you want (moving depending on the physical location of the actual monitor/client will be ideal).
synergy for ubuntu
  • Double click on it to edit Settings. Enter the Screen name (which you'll get by launching the Synergy app in your client computer). Done.
  • Now, launch Synergy on your client computer. 
synergy keyboard and mouse sharing for ubuntu 14.04
  • Select the "Client" option, enter your server's IP and hit Apply. If all goes well, both the Synergy sessions running on your Server and Client systems will be minimized to your top panel. (Also, notice the Screen name of your Client system)
  • Now, simply try moving your mouse from one monitor to the other. I tried Synergy in two of my laptops running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (one 32 bit and another 64 bit) and the experience can be best described as "magical". How about you?