Google Translate in your Terminal? Oh yes!

The google-translate-cli is a very simple 100-line AWK program that lets you use Google Translate without a web browser, and right from your Terminal. And it is as simple as it sounds. All you need is the GNU implementation of AWK programming language called Gawk and Git. Here's how you setup Google Translate for your Terminal in Ubuntu. 

google translate terminal ubuntu 14.04

Install Google Translate for Terminal in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • As we said earlier, to install and make google-translate-cli work properly, you need to have the following packages: "gawk" and "git". Either search for them in Ubuntu Software Center or simply copy-paste the following line to your Terminal. 
sudo apt-get install gawk git
  • Now, lets get started with installing google-translate-cli in Ubuntu. Simply run the commands below in your Terminal. 
git clone git://
cd google-translate-cli/
make install
  • Done. Google Translate is now ready. Now you could use either "trs" or "translate" commands to call Google Translate API. (see screenshot above for examples)