In an epic move, Valve offers all Debian developers access to all past and future Valve produced games

Remember that insane "developers chant" by former Mircosoft CEO Steve Ballmer? Well, Valve just pulled off something similar. In an epic goodwill gesture, Valve Inc. has decided to give away all its games, both present and future ones, to *all* Debian developers!

valve wallpaper

All hail the devs!
Most among you must be aware of the fact that Valve's recently launched SteamOS is based entirely on Debian. Many Debian developers have been collaborating with Valve and helping them out in the creation of SteamOS. And the company is keen to contribute back to the community, according to Debian developer, Neil McGovern.

While they are still discussing what needs to be done, as an immediate step, Valve has offered a "free subscription to any Debian developer, which provides access to all past and future Valve produced games". This is epic goodwill gesture by Valve and a great PR move even. The news appeared just yesterday on a Debian mailing list, where developer Neil McGovern was seen asking others to signup for the freebie. [source: reddit]