How to check internet speed via Terminal in Ubuntu is a pretty good place to check your internet speeds. But there is an even simpler way. Using the speedtest-cli command line app, you can actually check your current broadband speeds via Terminal. So here's how you do it. 

speedtest-cli ubuntu installation

How to install speedtest-cli in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.04?
Speedtest-cli is a small command line application meant for testing your internet speeds via Terminal in various Linux distributions including Ubuntu. Speedtest-cli uses the website for testing your internet bandwidth. Installation is rather simple.
  • Launch Terminal in Ubuntu and copy paste the following commands.
wget -O speedtest-cli
chmod +x speedtest-cli
  • The first command will download the file to your computer and the second command will make it executable. Now, run this file whenever you want to check your broadband statistics. Copy-paste the following command into Terminal. 
  • Done. See screenshot above for reference. Thanks for reading. 
[Source: Binary Nature: See also for more powerful speedtest-cli functionalities]