Avatar: A new Open Source OS for the Internet

The Avatar project intends to free the Internet once again, and let the users world-over to access  information beyond borders, and be as anonymous as you want without any worries of being constantly analyzed and monitored. Once released, Avatar OS sure looks like a promising way to safeguard your privacy in the ever so vulnerable Internet of todays. Avatar will be platform agnostic and will work on all devices with a modern browser.

avatar open source os for the internet

Avatar OS and Avatar Bridge
Avatar OS is an application that runs on modern web browsers. It’s written in Javascript and utilizes modern browser technologies to create a private solution for all common Internet tasks.

Avatar Bridge on the other hand is an optional, standalone, native application that the user can install separately. It acts as a bridge between the user’s computer and the browser extending the capabilities of Avatar OS. Avatar Bridge is available for Windows, OS X and Linux

Avatar Network
Avatar Network is a high-throughput, anonymous network created by Avatar Bridges. Avatar Network Protocol is based on security researcher Magnus Bråding’s Phantom protocol. Avatar Network is similar to Tor but with a different purpose. While Tor creates a generic anonymized connection to any Internet address, Avatar Network operates purely between Avatars.

Avatar OS Architecture

privacy bulitin avatar os, tor alternative

Other important aspects of Avatar OS:
  • Avatar is your own personal connection to the digital world. It connects you to your friends directly, bypassing the middle-man.
  • Avatar has been designed meticulously so that it's impossible to read anything you say or store without your permission. In fact, you decide who knows your name, age, face or location. Nothing is shared automatically. 
  • Avatar will be platform agnostic and will work on all devices with a modern web browser.
Sounds very interesting don't you think? If you like what they are trying to achieve and would want to help out, contact the people behind Avatar OS. They are actively looking for people who can review the project's implementation details and such. Thanks for reading.