Sputnik 3: After System76, Dell is the latest to launch Ubuntu based touchscreen Laptop

Ubuntu is finding new takers everyday. System76 was the first to introduce an Ubuntu pre-loaded touchscreen laptop. Though Dell is no stranger to Ubuntu and Linux in general, this is the first time they are showcasing a laptop running Linux equipped with a touchscreen display. 

Sputnik 3: Dell's Ubuntu touchscreen Laptop

Sputnik 3: Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu touchscreen Laptop
Dell's Project Sputnik is now well known among Ubuntu and Linux aficionados. Dell introduced the first Project Sputnik laptop running Ubuntu about an year ago. An upgraded version followed a few months later. Now, the company has announced the availability of next generation "Sputnik" featuring a full HD touchscreen display.

Sputnik 3 will running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. And like previous generation Sputniks, the laptop is intended for developers primarily. Now, the specs:

Processor: 4th generation Intel i7
Display: 13.3″ Full High Definition touch display (1080p)
System memory: 8GB
Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4440 (HD 5000 in the case of the enterprise version)
Hard drive: 256GB SSD drive
Standard Service: 1 year Dell ProSupport and onsite service after remote diagnostics
Operating system: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Sputnik 3 will be available as an updated XPS 13 Developer Edition and is already available in United States. More importantly, the prices remain the same: $1,549.99. For North America, the US and Canada, in addition to the i7 configuration, there will also be an i5/128GB config that will be available on a build-to-order basis and priced at $1249.99.

Availability: Only US currently. By the end of November, the Sputnik-3 Developer Edition will be available in United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. And by end of December, it will be available in Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden covering most of North America and Europe by then.
[source: barton's blog]