Ubuntu Touch adds Support for Over the Air Updates

With the first ever Ubuntu phone touted to arrive in early 2014, Canonical is wasting no time in the development for Ubuntu Touch for smartphones. Currently, the four supported Ubuntu Touch devices include maguro (Galaxy Nexus), mako (Nexus 4), grouper (Nexus 7) and manta (Nexus 10). Anyone using one of those devices can choose to switch to the latest Ubuntu Touch image and have the "over-the-air" update capability right away!

ubuntu touch over the air update

Ubuntu Touch now has Over the Air Update Capability
So that's how the Updates panel in the System Settings looks like at the moment (refer screenshot above). You will be getting a new update every few days, whenever an image is deemed of sufficient quality for public consumption. Also, the downloader UI doesn't yet show progress, so if it doesn't do anything, it doesn’t mean it's not working

Anyone using one of those supported devices can choose to switch to the new images using: phablet-flash ubuntu-system. Once that’s done, further updates will be pushed over the air and can be applied through the Updates panel in the System Settings. For a more detailed analysis and any other additional information, see Stéphane Graber's blog post.