0 A.D. Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo, Release Alpha 14 Version

When we wrote about our favorite Real Time Strategy (RTS) games for Linux sometime ago, 0 A.D. was featured right on top. It is a free and open source game which holds a lot of promise. And after nearly 4 years of development, 0 A.D. has just hit version Alpha 14, codenamed "Naukratis". Along with the release, 0 A.D. devs have launched a much-deserved crowd-funding campaign as well to bring the game to completion. 

0 A.D. Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

0 A.D. Fund Raining Campaign on Indiegogo
The last Indiegogo campaign didn't end well for all of us. Let's hope 0 A.D. doesn't end up like Ubuntu Edge. After all, they intend to raise just $160,000 when compared to Canonical's lofty 32 million goal for Ubuntu Edge project. [Related: First Ubuntu Phone to arrive in early 2014]

"The entire team and I have been developing 0 A.D. open-source for 4 years in a part-time, hobbyist capacity. Even longer before that in a closed-source environment. But now it’s high time to bring this baby home to completion! We want to finish this game and pack it full of rich content and exciting features, and we want to do it as soon as possible," writes Michael Hafer, project leader for 0 A.D on Indiegogo campaign page. Follow the link below.

0 a.d. indiegogo campaign

If you like playing 0 A.D and intends to contribute towards development of the same, this is your chance to show some love. Download instructions for Windows, Mac, and Linux here