[OT] Red Hat's Seth Vidal is Killed in a Tragic Hit-and-Run, Real Loss to Entire Open Source Community

Lead developer and primary contributor to YUM (a package-management utility for RPM based Linux OSes such as Red Hat), Seth Vidal, has been tragically killed in an accident in Durham, North Carolina. He was hit by a car from behind while travelling northbound in the 1700 block of Hillandale Road in his bike, investigators said. The accident apparently occurred after dark, when a driver swerved off the road to avoid traffic and ran into Seth’s bike from behind. Seth was pronounced dead after being transported to Duke University Hospital. Seth Vidal worked for Red Hat and was a Fedora Project board member.

He was just 36 years old. As someone on reddit puts it, humanity and Linux have lost a great guy. RIP brother. You'll be missed. [source: durham.io, images via google+]