Top 10 Keyboard Apps for Android

With the kind of customizability Android is capable of, things can get a little overwhelming for an average user who has just bought his first smartphone. There are plenty of app replacements for each and every action. Take launchers for example. From lightweight to the extremely flamboyant kind, there are all sorts of launchers for Android. Now, let's talk about something more basic, the keyboard app for Android. Keyboard layout vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Many consider Samsung's version (seen in latest TouchWiz) as the best default choice. But when there are plenty of incredibly good alternatives out there, why settle for the average? 10 most highly regarded keyboard apps for Android you should know of.

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

SwiftKey Keyboard: The most awesome (and popular) keyboard app on Android. Period. SwiftKey is one of the first things I installed when I got my Android. And I am yet to find a better alternative. Its predictive test capability is shockingly accurate and is one that constantly learns too. Some recent updates might have affected its stability though. I had a few hang-ups, especially while using Google Maps and sometimes even Chrome browser. But I'm not ready to write it down yet. SwiftKey free version also available. Price: US$ 3.99
Top 10 Keyboard Apps for Android
Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Google Keyboard: Until recently, Google Keyboard was only meant for official Google "Nexus" devices. But they have decided to make it available for every Android device possible by releasing it on Google Play. And it's a free app (but with some absurd country-specific restrictions). I have been using it instead of SwiftKey ever since and the only thing I miss are those smileys shortcut. And it never really crash either. FREE

10 good Keyboard Apps for Android phones
Keyboard Apps for Android

Swype Keyboard: As their tagline says, Swype started it all. They pretty much pioneered one handed typing in touch enabled large screen devices using swipe action. I am not someone who send out a lot of SMSes. But some of my friends are and they all adore Swype. They say its the fastest way to type. Swype was not in Google Play Store until very recently. And there is also a free trial version of Swype as well. Price: US$ 0.99

top 10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android
ai type keyboard android

A.I.type Keyboard Plus: Came to know about it very recently. It packs all the goodies SwiftKey has to offer and then some more. A.I.type Keyboard can be customized extensively, both in terms of look and feel as well as functionality. For example, you can add and edit custom shortcuts for faster typing. A.I.type Keyboard free version available. Price: US$ 3.99

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android
thumb keyboard for android

Thumb Keyboard: With the standard screen size of smartphones increasing year on year, the idea behind Thumb keyboard is becoming more relevant than ever. Thumb Keyboard perfected the idea of two handed typing on phones and tablets. Price: US$ 2.35

two handed typing android keyboard
perfect keyboard android

Perfect Keyboard Pro: Another normal keyboard replacement with an interesting "old school" keyboard theme (see above screenshot). Heavily customizable keyboard with 8 different themes as default, which include the old-school type we mentioned earlier. Backgrounds are customizable too. Perfect Keyboard free version also available. Price: US$ 2.99

top 10 android keyboards
8pen android keyboard review

8pen Keyboard: 8pen is perhaps the most interesting candidate among speciality keyboards for Android. As yon see, it is very unique and bold it its approach. There is a learning curve involved and to ease the transition further, they have launched a free game called 8pen Wordcup. But still, a free version of 8pen keyboard would have helped more, I believe. Even then, there is a growing fanbase for 8pen already. Price: US$ 0.99

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slideit keyboard review

SlideIT Keyboard: Swipers rejoice, Swype and Google Keyboard are not the only ones tailor made for people like you. SlideIT is a Swype like keyboard where you have to swipe to type. I have used very early versions of this with fair amount of satisfaction. But many users have been complaining about a gradual slowdown issue with the latest versions of SlideIT. Still worth a try. SlideIT free version also available. Price: US$ 3.99

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siine keyboard review

Siine Shortcut Keyboard: The mother of all shortcut keyboards. Its heavily-customizable nature with features such as clock module, calendar etc. on keyboard, makes it a very interesting alternative. Though the app itself is free and devoid of any ads, many extensions like the calendar-on-keyboard thing will cost you money. FREE

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Minuum Keyboard for Android

Minuum Keyboard: The latest and the most exciting entrant into the Android keyboard scene. Unfortunately though, the keyboard's availability is limited and is still invite-only. If the screenshots wasn't intriguing enough, check out the video introduction of minuum keyboard.