EasyShutdown: Lets you Schedule Shutdowns in Ubuntu Effortlessly

Shutdown command works just fine, but if you want a GUI to schedule system shutdown in Ubuntu, EasyShutdown is the answer. It was a very basic app made to do just that one thing, scheduling shutdowns in Ubuntu. And it is nicely integrated with Unity launcher as well.

easyshutdown-schedule shutdowns in Ubuntu

Easy Shutdown: Scheduling Shutdowns in Ubuntu Made Easy
  • Scheduling Shutdowns in Ubuntu and Linux in general is easy if you're good with Terminal. But what about the others? EasyShutdown comes to the rescue.  
  • EasyShutdown is an app that lets you schedule shutdowns in Ubuntu, plain and simple.
  • It is well integrated into the Unity launcher with its own quicklist of sorts.
scheduling ubuntu shutdown app
  • Yeah that's right, there is even a progress bar showing the amount of time remaining before the scheduled system shutdown.
How to Install EasyShutdown in Ubuntu?
  • And double-click to install it. Simple as that. Let us know whether you find it useful or not. Thanks for reading. [easyshutdown launchpad page]