Minuum Keyboard Project: Taking Conventional On-Screen Keyboard to the Next Level [Video]

An interesting project recently popped up in indiegogo.com, one of the many KickStarter-like crow-funding alternatives out there. It's called The Minuum Keyboard Project and the promoters are hopeful of reinventing on-screen keyboards of the kind currently available in smartphones. Minuum Keyboard, when released, will be available for Android only initially. 

Minuum Keyboard Project for Android

Minuum Keyboard Features: Quick Walkthrough
  • Efficient utilization of available space. Bad space utilization makes many of the current crop of on-screen keyboards unusable in landscape mode.
  • Fast text entry with letter magnification for precise typing. 
  • Smart auto-correction and QWERTY keyboard layout.
  • Type anywhere - with a keyboard you can move around your touchscreen.
Minuum Keyboard Project: Video Preview

The video itself may not be upto the standards, but the features previewed surely looks interesting. Minuum keyboard project has already raised the intended $10,000 goal through their indiegogo campaign and has reached $27,809 at the time of writing this article.