Google Drive for Linux Confirmed yet again, Arrival Date is Still a Mystery Though

Google Drive for Linux is a contentious issue. It is now common knowledge that Google is an active user of Linux for its internal purposes. Google has deployed a version of Ubuntu, called Goobuntu (a light skin over standard Ubuntu), in large numbers for its employees. Google is actually an Ubuntu Advantage customer as well. So why this delay in releasing one of its most important products for Linux, when there are versions for Windows and Mac already?

Google Drive for Linux Confirmed

Google Drive for Linux is definitely coming
When you visit Google Drive download page from Ubuntu, you'll see "Not (yet) supported for Linux" message. So a dedicated Linux client is definitely on it way. Moreover, when asked about the status of Drive for Linux recently, Director of Product Management for Google Drive, Scott Johnston, posted the following in his Google+ page:

"Definitely on our list. Sorry we haven't been able to get it to you yet. Not for lack of want! My apologies for Linux taking so long."

Google Drive for Windows and Mac was released almost an year ago. A company like Google, with the kind of resources at their disposal, not able to pull this off? Something is not right. I hope it won't take much longer. Thanks for reading.