Ubuntu Grabs 1.12 Percent OS Market Share on Steam, Windows 8 at 8.67 Percent

Steam's January 2013 hardware and software survey results are out. And OS market share on Steam is already showing signs of changes. Barely two months old Ubuntu on Steam has grabbed more than 1 percent market share with almost non-existent marketing push from Canonical (VALVE did some advertising though). Signs of big shifts to come? We'll see.

Ubuntu Grabs 1.12 Percent OS Market Share on Steam

Ubuntu Grabs 1.12% OS Market Share on Steam, Windows 8 at 8.67%
Here's the quick OS market share drill down:
  • Windows 8: 8.67%
  • Windows 7: 69.73%
  • Windows Vista: 6.02%
  • Windows XP: 10.05%
  • Mac OS: 3.56%
  • Ubuntu: 1.12%
When you consider the sheer inertia any Windows version has on the market, those numbers should not surprise you. Think of the number of devices that comes pre-installed with Windows 8 already, and compare that number with that of Ubuntu. These are times of big shifts and you never know what happens next. Ubuntu might be gaining just about the kind of momentum it needs to go mainstream. In my opinion, we'll see if Ubuntu is going to make any dent in the market in another year or two. Thanks for reading. [Source: thenextweb, steampowered]