Half-Life and Counter-Strike are now Linux Ready, Arrives Officially on Steam for Linux Client!

Gaming on Linux is really taking off. Half-Life and Counter-Strike: Source officially arrives on Steam for Linux client and those hugely popular game titles are now playable on Linux!

Half-Life and Counter-Strike: Source are now Linux ready!
Valve has just released two more of their popular game titles for Linux. And these new additions are no pushovers either. Half-Life and Counter-Strike: Source are among the most popular gaming titles from Steam.

This has been an amazing turn of events. Almost a month and a half ago, Steam for Linux client was officially unveiled to the public. And since then, it has been a steady upward spiral for Linux gaming. Valve even did some active promotion of Steam for Linux, encouraging its vast user-base to give Ubuntu a try. And it is showing results already. Ubuntu grabbed more than 1% OS market share on Steam with just a few games in its fold. 

There have been unconfirmed reports that, apart from Half-Life and Counter-Strike: Source, 3 more games have been released for Linux. They include Shank 2, Closure and Psychonauts.