Glovebox: A Glimpse of What Ubuntu Phone OS is Going to Look Like, Right in your Android!

Several UI elements of Ubuntu Phone OS were instant hits across the web when it was first introduced to the public. And like its desktop counterpart, one of the most distinctive feature of Ubuntu Phone OS which sets it apart from the crowd was its left mounted, vertically placed launcher. Now here comes a new app which tries to recreate a similar launcher in Android OS. The app is called Glovebox and it has a free version to play around. 

glovebox - ubuntu phone os like launcher for android

Glovebox: Multitasking in Android Made Easy
Glovebox app for Android adds a launcher to the sidebar, like in Unity desktop. The basic app is free and you can test it as much as you want. But there's a limit to the number of shortcuts/apps that can be added to the launcher in the free version. Glovebox is extremely customizable too. You can even change Glovebox's default location, left sidebar ie.
glovebox qrcode - ubuntu phone os for android
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