Ubuntu Phone OS Demo at CES 2013: Showcases Camera, Photo app, Notifications, Facebook Integration [Video]

Yet another video is up showcasing several new features of Ubuntu Phone OS. While the first video, demoed by Mark Shuttleworth himself, illustrated how slick the OS has become since it was announced, the second video here features default Camera and Photo apps, Facebook integration and brilliant new notifications. I always thought Android 4.1 Jelly Bean's notifications bar should be the standard. But after seeing this, I concur that Android OS could learn a thing or two from the way notifications have been integrated into the OS in Ubuntu for Phones.

ubuntu for phones demo ces2013 video
Ubuntu Phone OS Demo CES 2013: Features Camera & Photo Apps, Notifications

I just hope Ubuntu somehow makes flashing this into an Android easy (should support Nexus branded devices at least), just like they did with their desktop OS where installation alongside Windows OS is super easy. All in all, Ubuntu Phone OS is evolving beautifully.