Reditr Beta Arrives, DEB Package Makes Installation Super Easy in Ubuntu

Reditr is a multi-column Reddit client for desktops. It currently supports Ubuntu, Mac, Windows and Google Chrome platforms. When it was first announced few months back, it created a lot of excitement, especially among Linux folks. But the initial Reditr Alpha release disappointed quite a few. Now that there is proper support for Debian based distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, Reditr is suddenly starting to feel a whole lot different.

Reditr for Ubuntu

Reditr: Impressive New Reddit Client for Ubuntu
Even though the multi-column design takes some to get used to, Reditr is worthy of the time and effort you invest in it. The latest Reditr version has brought in a lot of improvements to the app which also include the new DEB packaging for easy installation in Debain based distros. The other major changes are:
  • You can now view new comments since last visit.
  • Reditr now syncs which active account you’re on & does an auto-login.
  • Gallery mode now featured more prominently. 
  • Comment controls follow you when you scroll through comments.
  • Load all comments button added to posts.
  • "Sent from Reditr" signature is no more.
  • Read the full changelog here.
There's more. Devs, Dimitry Vinogradov and David Zorychta, are working on a more polished look and feel for Reditr. Here's a mockup of the same.

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