Google Play Store Revenues Spiking, Japan Overtakes US in terms of Revenues for the First Time

More Android growth stories. Google Play Store is growing in numbers. Nearly 900,000 apps and games are already in there and have been downloaded more than 25 billion times. But what about the revenues? App Annie has some interesting statistics. 

google play store revenues

Google Play Store Revenue Grows 311% in Jan-Oct Period
Make no mistake, in terms of overall revenue, iOS more than trumps Android. iOS generates 4 times as much revenue as Google Play Store. According to App Annie Index, Google Play Store's October downloads are 48% higher than in May 2012. Moreover, Google Play October 2012 revenues are 17.9% greater than those of September 2012 while iOS October 2012 revenues are 0.7% lower than its September 2012 revenues.

Furthermore, Google Play October 2012 monthly revenues are 311% greater than its January revenues. In contrast, iOS October 2012 monthly revenues are 12.9% greater than those from January 2012. There's more. Also in this period, Japan overtook US for the first time ever in Google Play monthly revenue, marking the first time that the US is not the number one country for monthly revenues on Google Play. You can download the full report here.