Unity 4 Released, Adds Ability to Publish Games to Linux

First, it was Valve, who went all the way by releasing Steam dedicated client for Linux (still in beta testing phase). Then came NVIDIA, a world leader in GPUs, announcing their optimized for Linux NVIDIA GeForce R310 drivers (in collaboration with Valve) for enhanced gaming experience in Linux. If all these feels like a dream to you, try this. Unity game engine has just released their next version, Unity 4, with added ability to publish games to Linux.

Unity 4 support Linux
Latest Unity Gaming Engine Arrives with Support for Linux
Unity 4 was officially announced just a few days ago. Among other things, one of the biggest highlights was the inclusion of preview of a new deployment option to publish games to desktop Linux.  While the deployment add-on can potentially work with various forms of Linux, development is primarily focused on Ubuntu for its primary release and this option will be provided to all Unity 4 users at no additional cost.

Every major stake holder in the gaming industry now seems to understand or at least starting to understand the relevance of Linux as a credible alternative platform to Mac and Windows. Gaming in Linux is gaining some serious traction and that is a welcome development for all of us. All in all, it seems like 2013 is going to be a very interesting year for desktop Linux, especially for Ubuntu and its derivatives. Exciting times!