Humble Indie Bundle 6 Introduces Linux to 6 Brand New Games (Soundtracks Included)

As always, the brand new edition of Humble Indie Bundle is packed with surprises. The latest Humble Bundle marks the introduction of 6 brand new games which didn't had a Linux version prior to this. We had introduced you to some of the hottest Linux games for 2012 recently, but the latest Humble Indie Bundle 6 takes everything a notch higher.

humble bundle 6 - games for linux

Humble Indie Bundle 6
It includes:
  1. Torchlight
  2. Rochard
  3. Shatter
  4. Space Pirates and Zombies
  5. Vessel
  6. Dustforce
While Torchlight is an action-RPG, Rochard is a sci-fi action platformer, Shatter is a physics based brick breaker, Space Pirates and Zombies is a top down space combat simulator and Vessel is a puzzle platformer. And if you're willing to pay more than the average price, you will get the incredible frantic acrobatic platformer, Dustforce.