Google Play Store Celebrates 25 Billion Downloads with 25-Cent Sale of Premium Apps and Games [Updated]

Google is on a roll. Few weeks ago, Chrome had already surpassed IE to become world's most popular web browser and now this. According to official Android blog, Google Play Store has just hit the magic 25 billion downloads mark and to celebrate the occasion, Google is now offering a number of top Apps from Google Play Store for just 25 cents for the next 5 days.

top android apps on sale for 25 cents

Google Play Store Hits 25 Billion Downloads!
According to official Google statistics, Google Play Store has something like 675,000 apps and counting. And like the previous app sale which was kicked off when the number of downloads hit 10 billion mark, Google is now offering a wide range of apps for a pittance for the next five days. This is day 1 and there are a number of must-have apps on sale already. We will list the apps on sale for each day and will keep updating the post. So stay tuned.

Android Apps on Sale: Day One
Note that some of the above apps might still show the original price in the front page (Granny Smith for example). But don't worry, go ahead with the purchase. Once you hit the buy button, you will see the revised and reduced price. [EDIT: Full List of Android Apps on Sale]