Best Free Android Apps for TV and Film Buffs

Some people say that smart phones are slowly killing televisions as a source of viewing content, but we believe that the two go hand in hand. After all, you don't have to choose one over the other. Being the nice folks we are, we decided to find you the very best Android apps that will enhance your TV and film viewing experience. This following list features Android apps that make watching TV and films better, and also apps that allow you to watch TV and films. Oh and they're all free! But there's a catch. Movie/TV contents are available for US, UK, Canadian (and sometimes Australian) audience ONLY!

TV Guide
Top Free Android Apps for TV and Film Buffs

For those old enough to remember, there used to be a handful of channels available to watch so looking at what was on was pretty easy. If you tried looking at what was on each channel today from start to finish, you'd never make it out alive.

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Thankfully the TV Guide app allows you to quickly browse channels so you don't have to channel hop laboriously or fiddle with on-screen TV guides which are usually slow loading. Quickly see what’s on TV, manage your favorite channels and set up reminders for your favorite shows. Plus, get breaking entertainment news from
Best Free Android Apps for TV viewing

Internet Movie Database commonly known as IMDB needs no introduction, it's the go to website for finding out about any film or TV series, no matter how old or obscure it is. If you stumble upon a film or TV show you've never heard of before, then this IMDB app will allow you to check ratings, read reviews and see who stars in it too.

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The cool notifications feature gives you updates on selected actors, directors and so on, so you'll be the first to know when they're starting or starring in a new project, you'll get to see the trailers and press photos as well.
Best Android apps for TV and movie fans

There are plenty of TV streaming apps available for Android phones, the problem is that most of them come with some sort of subscription fee, which turns most people off. The app is completely free and allows you to stream full episodes from channels like BS, The CW, CNET, ET, Showtime, CBS News, CBS Sports and many more. for android
Crackle – Movies & TV

free Android apps for TV and movie fans

Most film apps you download on Android will probably require you to pay some subscription fee or individually buy films before viewing them. Crackle has a whole library of completely free films that you can watch straight away.

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Don't expect the latest box office blockbusters but you can still find plenty of great films from the past ten years, like Tallageda Nights and Year One to name but a few. Movies are updated monthly and they promise to add 20 new movies each and every month, so there will always be new stuff to watch – free of charge as well.
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