Synapse Launcher is Not Maintained Anymore, Might Need Your Help

Kupfer and Synapse are two incredibly elegant launcher applications for Ubuntu. Synapse has been my favorite for a long time now (though I have to add, I don't use it as often as I used to ever since the the arrival of Unity and GNOME Shell). Now it seems like, Synapse is not maintained anymore and might need your help.

Synapse Launcher is Not Maintained Anymore

Few days ago, I got a mail from Emre Can, an avid Tech Drive-in reader and huge Synapse fan who was trying to help Synapse developers with some ideas of his own. But he apparently got this following reply from Synapse's main developer, "I'm really sorry but we are both busy with our jobs, so at the moment we are no more active on Synapse."

So I was wondering if there is anybody out there with adequate software development skills ready to give a helping hand to Synapse developers? Synapse simply does not deserve to die. Please spread the news. Thanks for reading.