Top 10 Free Apps Designed for Android 4.0+ ICS

Android 4.0 code named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was released more than three months ago. Google's own Galaxy Nexus is perhaps the only device that ships with it at the moment. And because of that, there are only a handful of Android apps available whose design has been updated for Android 4.0+. That will change as time goes by. But which all are the Android apps whose design has been updated for Android 4.0 ICS at the moment? Let's find out.

apps designed for ICS

Bump: Lets you share contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together (both should have Bump installed of course and no music sharing supported at the moment).

Bump - apps designed for ICS
Calculator4.0-apps designed for ICS

Calculator 4.0: Advanced Calculator, Currency Converter, Measurement Converter, Mortgage Calculator, and Tip Calculator. Calculations Pro version also available.

Calculator Qrcode
Dropbox - apps designed for ICS

Dropbox client for Android received an update recently and its new look and feel is in tune with latest design enhancements of Android 4.0 ICS.

Notes for ICS - apps designed for ICS

Notes for ICS is a simple note taking application with Google Tasks sync capability. It is tablet friendly and comes with widgets. Designed for ICS.

notes for ics - qrcode
redditnews - apps designed for ICS

Reddit News is a Reddit reader app for Android. It has got a beautiful Android 4.0 ICS inspired UI. Actually, there are quite a number of ICS friendly reddit apps for Android.

mxvideo player - apps designed for ICS

MX Video Player is my favorite alternative to stock video player in Android. It just plays everything and has a number of functionalities unseen in other popular videos players for Android. And it looks very native in Android 4.0 ICS environment.

mxvideoplayer qrcode
Rdio for Android ICS

Rdio is an incredibly well designed online music streaming app for Android. And all its design elements are in tune with latest Android. Free trial version of the Rdio is available.

rdio qrcode
Quickpic for Android ICS

QuickPic is perhaps the best designed picture viewer/gallery app for Android and it's free.

quickpic qrcode
File Explorer is a simple file browser app for Android. 

file explorer qrcode
Boid Twitter app for Android ICS

Boid is a brand new Twitter application designed for Android 4.0 with ICS in mind. Boid is in its early stages of development and its already receiving rave reviews from users.

boid qrcode
I have excluded official Google apps for obvious reasons. I have also deliberately excluded some other really popular apps from this list since we had already featured a number of them in our two previous articles: Most creatively designed apps for Android: Part 1 and Part 2.