Mr Legs - One of the Most Original Android Games I have Played in a Long Time

Mr Legs is a brand new Android game that promises a lot of fun. Gameplay is rather simple but very clever and addictive. Animations, visual style, artworks and everything else about this game is very creative. Though the game itself is rather simplistic by design, it is very well executed. Mr Legs is one of the most original games I have played in my Android in a long time. Mr Legs is non-free but you can always ask for a refund if you don't like it.

mrlegs android game

Mr Legs Game for Android
  • Very nicely executed game and unlike anything I have seen so far in Android Market.
  • And these guys do some clever advertising too. 
  • Gotta love the Mr Legs character. My only gripe is that they should have included a free lite version of the game so that people could give it a try before purchasing. 
  • But I have to add, since the gameplay is rather simple, 15 minutes (time window for refunds) is good enough to experience this beautiful little game.
  • I bought this game in the hope that I will ask for a refund after reviewing. But no, Mr Legs is worth keeping. I expect an improved sound score soon enough though. 
  • Check out this Mr Legs gameplay video as well.

Download Mr Legs from Android Market
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