How to Install Elementary Luna OS in Ubuntu 12.04 Using this Simple Script

Elementary OS Luna is far from a finished product. The final release is going to happen only after the official release of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin since Luna is supposed to be based on Precise. Just yesterday, I found out that there is a simple script to install latest development version of Elementary OS Luna in Ubuntu 12.04. Let's give it a try.

Install Elementary Luna OS in Ubuntu 12.04

Elementary OS Luna in Ubuntu 12.04
Ubuntu 12.04 is in early development phase (quite stable already though) and so is the next version of Elementary OS codenamed Luna. Make sure that you don't try the following script in any production machines. As the author of the script himself notes, "This is pre-alpha software, It will be very buggy and unstable. While it is unlikely it will touch your files on other partitions, you never know so don't install this on a production machine."
  • Extract it. Now open Terminal and cd into the extracted directory.
  • Do the following in Terminal afterwards.
chmod 777
  • Remember, this script will remove a lot of packages from default Ubuntu 12.04 and install a lot of stuff required for Elementary OS as well. Make sure that you have the required bandwidth before getting started.
  • More detailed instructions on 'how to use this script' has been put together by the author himself in the following video.
  • Script will automatically reboot your system after installation is complete. If everything went well, you will see Elementary's new LightDM login window after reboot.
Random Screenshots of Pre-Alpha Elementary OS Luna in Ubuntu 12.04

Elementary Luna OS in Ubuntu 12.04

Marlin file browser

beatbox music player in Elementary OS

Other major apps that comes as default with Elementary OS Luna include BeatBox Music Player, Maya calendar and organizing tool, Marlin file browser, Footnote note taking application, Feedler feed reader, Midori web browser, Plank dock application, Snap for taking pictures, Postler email client, Dexter address book and so on. As you can see, folks behind Elementary Project are trying to create a lean mean Linux distro with a clear focus on detail and consistency. I hope things pan out well for them. Good luck to the devs.