6 Best Reddit Apps for Android

I don't think there is anybody here who haven't heard about Reddit before. Founded in June 2005, Reddit gradually won over the tech-savvy internet crowd leaving the once prominent Digg.com in shambles. 2011 was an year of explosive growth for Reddit. In December 2011 alone, reddit served a massive 2.07 billion pageviews. From the day I got my first Android phone, the one thing I was constantly looking for was a nice and simple app to enjoy Reddit. I found quite a number of them and I think following are the best 6 Reddit apps for Android.

top free reddit apps for android

No matter how many new apps keeps on coming in, Bacon Reader remains my favorite Reddit app for Android to date. It is fast and reliable, never had an issue with it. Some of its unique features include subreddit grouping, keyword and domain filtering, direct picture uploading among others. Though I like the drop-down menu approach for subreddits, I prefer the horizontal scrollable subreddits functionality as seen in other Reddit apps. [Bacon Reader premium version also available]
bacon reader free reddit app fro android
reddionic for android

When Reddionic solves the frequent force-close issue and becomes more stable, it will replace Bacon Reader as my favorite Reddit app for Android (I hope). Reddionic is still in public beta and I believe further improvements will mitigate the rough edges. Features include ability to swipe through subreddits, open reddit links in app, comment saving to name a few. [Reddionic Donate version also available]
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reddit news free for android

If you ask me which is the hottest *new* Reddit app for Android, I would vouch for non other than Reddit News. It is a latest to arrive at the scene and it is already creating ripples. Reddit News has got a beautiful Android 4.0 ICS inspired UI(optional) and it is really fast and nimble too. I have just started using Reddit News, yet to figure out if it is a good enough replacement for Bacon Reader. For me, Reddit News feels definitely more stable than Reddionic and may be even a tad faster and responsive than Bacon Reader. To put it all together, Reddit News is promising. [Reddit News paid version also available]
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reddit is fun for android

When I first searched for Reddit apps from Android Market, Reddit is Fun was the app that popped up first (it took me a while before I realized that Bacon Reader was also in the same genre). It does not have fancy features like scrollable subreddits or an ICS inspired UI. Instead, Reddit is Fun just works. Unlike all others, this app's look and feel closely matches with that of default Reddit.com. [Reddit is Fun Premium version also available]
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redditmag free for android

Redditmag for Android is unlike anything we've seen yet. It breaks all conventional norms and looks extremely pretty with its picture-heavy interface. Redditmag does sacrifice some usability to achieve that level of perfection, but still I still recommend Redditmag to all those whole browse the reddit a lot for pictures, comics et al. [Redditmag+ Premium version also available]
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reddita for android

Reddita is yet another Reddit app designed from the ground up for use with Honeycomb (Android 3.0+) tablets. [Reddita Ad-free version also available]
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