3 Nice Blender Made Games for Linux

Blender is known for its 3D creation capabilities worldwide and is widely used for creating animated films, visual effects, interactive 3D applications and games with cutting edge computer graphics. Quite a number of videos and animated movies have already been created using Blender and we have featured the very best of them before. But they are not alone, games are there too. Let's find out the best games available for Linux made using Blender.

top Blender Made Games for Linux

Yo Frankie!, like the official Blender made movies, is an open video game made by the Blender Foundation. Game is created entirely using free and open source software and supports Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. As with the open movie projects, the game is partly designed to promote the open source modeling and animation tool Blender.
dead cyborg

Dead Cyborg is a free to play, donation based, sci-fi adventure game for Windows and Linux(Mac support on its way). The game uses free and open source Blender game engine.
steel storm

Steel Storm is an independent video game series developed by Kot-in-Action Creative Artel. The games are divided into two episodes, with Episode One being available at no charge and Episode Two (titled as Steel Storm: Burning Retribution) being a commercial product. If you can remember, Humble Indie Bundle 3 did feature Steel Storm: Burning Retribution episode. Though this game use DarkPlaces game engine, Blender 3D software suite is extensively used for modelling and texturing. Steel Storm is available in Ubuntu Software Center.
Hope you liked them. Now, if you would like to put your creativity skills to test, check out these useful Blender tutorials and give some of them a first hand try.