Top 10 Android Live Wallpapers for 2011

2011 has been an eventful year as far as Google's Android OS is concerned. Android is the fastest growing mobile phone platform right now adding some 700,000 new activations every single day. Following that trend is the exploding growth of apps for Android. Nearly 400,000 apps are already available in the Android Market which have been downloaded more than a billion times. Let's try and find out the best Android live wallpapers for 2011 among them.

Snowfall Live Wallpaper has been by default since this December. What makes it different from the rest is its simplicity and its compatibility with even the lower end Android devices. And of course, Snowfall Live Wallpaper looks pretty darn beautiful. A mush have for every Live Wallpaper enthusiast among you. Free version(with limited set of features) also available. 
snowfall live wallpaper
Sun Rise Live Wallpaper

Sun Rise Wallpaper has been a long time favorite of mine and it still remains so. This live wallpaper for Android features tree silhouette, on top of a morning sky background with soft cloud moving, birds flying, and rainbow appearing occasionally. With the full paid version, you can choose to have the rainbow appear while you receive an SMS. You can also choose how the birds can flock together to display a Good Morning message in the morning, which is a true delight to the eyes and senses. Free version also available.
Sun Rise Live Wallpaper qrcode
Light Grid Pro live wallpaper for android

Light Grid Pro is a simple live wallpaper which displays a grid of lights fading in and out. That 'fading in and out' effect gives your display an apparent 3D depth, which looks really pretty especially in dark light conditions. Free version live wallpaper available.
Light Grid Pro live wallpaper qrcode
Season Zen HD live wallpaper for android

Season Zen HD live wallpaper has got perhaps the most stunning visuals among all the above featured live wallpapers. What makes it even more unique is its ability to automatically pan the camera back and forth. Free version Season Zen available albeit with a lot less features.
Season Zen HD live wallpaper Qrcode
Buggies! Live Wallpaper for Android

Buggies! Live Wallpaper is a new comer to the Android Market with only a few thousand downloads. But its simple looks and interesting concept is already winning many hearts and minds. Don't under estimate this cute little live wallpaper based on the numbers. And of course the whole package is completely free, unlike all the top live wallpapers featured here so far.
buggies live wallpaper qrcode
koi 3d live wallpaper for android

And then there is Koi Live Wallpaper. It was perhaps the first live wallpaper I ever installed in my Android device and it looked drop dead gorgeous at the time. The HD quality of this 3D live wallpaper still amazes me, so is its responsiveness. Koi Live Wallpaper is one Android app you just can't miss. Period. Koi free version available from the Android Market.
koi 3d live wallpaper qrcode
City at Night Live Wallpaper for Android

Developed by the same people behind Koi live wallpaper, City at Night Live Wallpaper is a real stand out. It features moving clouds and streaks from the traffic enhance this beautiful long-exposure image of a city at night. No free version available unfortunately. 
City at Night Live Wallpaper Qrcode
Celtic Garden HD Live Wallpaper for Android

Celtic Garden live wallpaper is a real treat to your eyes. Animations are all smooth and it doesn't gobble up a sizable amount of resources either to work. Celtic Garden live wallpaper features a verdant animated Irish forest with a charming fountain in the center. The three-dimensional dynamic scene includes animated water, shamrocks, cascading sunlight etc. Not really tuned for landscape mode though(and hence the screenshot). Free version available. 
Celtic Garden HD Live Wallpaper Qrcode

Mystic Halo is a cool Android 3.0 honeycomb-inspired live wallpaper that makes good use of abstract art. It is one of those wallpapers you wouldn't mind using on a daily basis. Again, not really tuned for landscape mode. Mystic Halo Free version available.
Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper Qrcode
Neon Gears Live Wallpaper is another promising new comer to Android Market. It looks very futuristic yet so simple at the same time. Neon Gears Free version is available but with very limited set of features(not even that Neon clock). 
Neon Gears Live Wallpaper qrcode
These are some of my favorite live wallpapers for Android. Of course there are plenty more out there. If you are not able to find your favorite Android live wallpaper in the above list, feel free to leave a comment. Phone used: Samsung Galaxy S2, Homescreen Launcher: LauncherPro, Version: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. New year wishes is advance to all of you!