Nightingale 1.8 - Preview of Highly Anticipated Songbird Fork Released!

Not so long ago, Songbird was one of the most loved music player app among Linux users. It all changed when Songbird developers decided to stop supporting Linux and concentrate on Mac and Windows platforms. But some hardcore Songbird users were not ready to give up yet. They forked the project and after more than an year of hard work, they have now released the first preview of Songbird fork named Nightingale music player. 

nightingale music player first preview

Nightangale 1.8 Preview Release
In a recent blog post, Nightingale developers have announced the very first release of Nightingale music player for Linux and Windows platforms. Nightingale 1.8 is a developer preview release and is primarily meant for testing purposes.
  • Nightingale is here to first provide a solid, Mozilla based media player for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X users, all under Open Source licenses.
  • Feature nascent but growing add-ons support.
We wish all the very best to the project and people behind Nightingale music player. And we sincerely hope that the project will be able to garner support and wide spread adoption like Clementine Music Player did, which was a fork of much loved Amarok 1.4 music player.