SwipePad: A Must Have App for Every Android Device

SwipePad is a simple application that lets you launch any app with a single swipe action from within any other app. Upon being recommended by a friend of mine, SwipePad was one of those applications I installed immediately after receiving my first Android phone. Since then, SwipePad has become an integral part of my daily life that I almost started seeing it as one of those core apps for Android which comes as default.

SwipePad Android Multitasking

SwipePad Features List
  • Launch app from within another app using a simple swipe action. 
  • Very simple and intuitive to use.
  • Not a resource hog, it just works. It is also free to download and use.
  • SwipePad is not a home app, your home key preference is kept intact, which means, SwipePad works really well with almost all popular Lauchers for Android
  • One of the ways you could use SwipePad: Say for example you are on a long boring call, you could simply use SwipePad to open gallery and browse through your pictures or may be even browse the web using your stock web browser. Without SwipePad, the only thing you could possibly do is to stare at your phone. Period.
SwipePad from Android Market
SwipePad QRcode
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