World of Goo for Android Phones, Tablets Coming Soon!

World of Goo is a really popular game, especially among Linux folks, with an awesome physics engine and music. We have been recommending it all along. It was in our list of favorite games for non-gamer folks among Linux users. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite games in Ubuntu.

World of Goo for Android

World of Goo for Android - GooDroid - Coming Soon!
Few days ago, 2D BOY announced the imminent release of World of Goo for Android OS based smartphones and tablets. And it will be called GooDroid(though I feel like original name was good enough). Also, since it is such an awesome game to play with mouse, it remains to be seen how well World of Goo is going to play out in touch screen devices.

If you haven't experienced World of Goo already, there is a demo version of World of Goo available for free download and use. Full version of the game is available for download in Ubuntu Software Center with a price tag of US$19.95. In my book, worth every penny. Stay tuned for latest updates. Thanks for reading.