JellyBalls+: Nice, Simple Android Game Made Completely Using Open Source Tools

Android Market is perhaps one of the most happening places among mobile platforms. Lots of games and apps are pouring in. We did feature our favorite collection of games for Android before, JellyBalls+ is my latest addiction. What makes JellyBalls+ even more special is the fact that, it is made completely using open source tools that include Ubuntu, Inkscape, GIMP, Audacity, even its music is on CC license. 

jellyballs+ android

JellyBalls+ Puzzle Game for Android
  • JellyBalls+ is a simple color-matching logical game with nice and simple animations.
  • Though the game is completely made using open source tools like GIMP and Inkscape, game itself is not open source. 
  • JellyBalls+ gameplay is very simple, group and pop balls of same color and score as many points as you can.
  • It makes good use of your smartphone's accelerometer as well. By rotating the phone, you can affect the gravity.
  • JellyBalls+ is completely free. 
Download JellyBalls+ from Android Market
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