15 Must Have Android Games

Android is growing at a stupendous rate and so is Android Market. Number is applications in Android Market is nearing 300,000 now and the rate of growth is only increasing. Trying to pick the very best of Android games from that enormous list is tough. I will try to give it my best shot anyway. Here are the games I enjoy playing in my Android 2.3.3 powered Galaxy S2.

Tank Hero is my Android's biggest battery drainer app. Don't get me wrong, that has nothing to do with Tank Hero's resource management. It's just that, Tank Hero is very addictive. Game itself is free, but there is an option for upgrading to ad-free version of the game. I would recommend you to upgrade to paid version since it adds up as a small token of appreciation.
Install Tank Hero from Android Market

TurboFly 3D is a fast paced futuristic 3D racing game which puts your device's motion sensing capabilities to test. There is a free to install and play demo version of the game after which you can decide on whether or not to buy the paid version. Worth every penny.
turbofly3d game android qrcode

Trial Xtreme is an interactive game that invites you to join the engrossing motorcycle race. Ride your motorbike and surmount the track obstacles using the touch screen and phone accelerometer. Again, there is a free demo version of Trial Xtreme for you to get a feel of it.
trialxtreme android game qrcode

Dragon Fly is perhaps one of the most peaceful games I have ever played. Slide and fly over the beautiful hills in this fast paced one touch arcade game. It has got a soothing background score and a simple yet beautiful gameplay. Dragon Fly is free to download(ad supported).
dragonfly android game qrcode

Robo Defense can be termed as my Android's second biggest battery drainer app. Again, it has nothing to do with app's efficiency, Robo Defense is just way-too-much fun. Robo Defense is basically a tower defence game featuring open maps, upgrades, achievements and neat graphics. Try this free demo version of game first, you will know what I am talking about.
robodefense android game qrcode
Jet Car Stunts is yet another game making full use of your smartphone's accelerometer. Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish manoeuvres in impossible environments. Jet Car Stunts Lite free version also available.
jetcarstunts android game qrcode

Free Running is a simple and addictive stick man free running game. Run as far as you can as long as you can, simple as that. A good way to kill time, casually.
freerunning android game qrcode

Parkour Roof Riders is yet another game similar to Free Running, though it is a lot more sophisticated. There are lots of moves you could improvise using simple touch gestures which makes this game a real gem. Try the free Parkour Roof Riders Lite version first and if you like it, go for the full version of Parkour Roof Riders.
parkour androidgame qrcode

Greedy Spiders is a lot of fun. It is an exciting puzzle game with nice little animations and excellent gameplay. Try the Greedy Spiders free version first.
greedyspiders android qrcode

X Construction is very similar to Cargo Bridge game from Chrome Web Store(also read: top 10 games from Chrome Web Store). Build a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley. Game needs Android 2.1 or above. Try the free X Construction Lite version first.
X Construction android qrcode

By now you must have noticed that, I have a special taste for racing and casual puzzle games. Reckless Getaway is a must have for all racing game fanatics out there. Game is non-free.
recklessracing androidgame qrcode

Apparatus is a real stunner of a game and a must have for puzzle lovers. Apparatus is a game about setting up simple mechanical structures to move one or several marbles to the goal. Build a complex machine to perform a simple task and that's Apparatus for you. Try the free Apparatus Lite version of the game first.
apparatus android game qrcode

Cut the Rope is perhaps the most addictive game in Android Market after Angry Birds. The game was a phenomenon of sorts in the iOS App Store and it is now available for Android as well. Not enough levels is the only complaint users have for this amazing game. There is no free version of Cut the Rope though, you will have to buy it to play it.
cut the rope android game qrcode

Reckless Racing is yet another visually impressive dirt-road racing game(sorry, can't help it) from Android Market. This game has got stunning visuals and the top-down approach makes it real special. Again, no free version available. But there is an Sony Xperia PLAY optimized version of the game called Reckless Racing PLAY.
reckless racing qrcode

Air Control is a simple yet addictive drawing game where you take on the role of Air Traffic Controller. It is your job to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions. Air Control Lite will give you a free and quick walk through.
airtrafficcontrol android qrcode
Note: Intentionally excluded Angry Birds since most of you are aware of it already. These are some of the Android games I personally prefer over others. And these tastes vary from person to person. So if your favourite games are not included in the list, just let me know. I will try them out and consider including them in future articles on a similar topic. Thanks for reading.