10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

Android is growing and so is the interest for Android platform among application developers. We have featured this awesome collection of top games for Android recently, now here are some really good wallpaper apps for Android which I think are among the best. Read on.

Best Wallpaper Apps for Android Koi Live Wallpaper

Koi Live Wallpaper is easily one of the most eyecandy Android application. Koi Live Wallpaper features colorful fishes and interactive water. Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, with fully interactive water that supports multitouch. And don't worry, Koi Live Wallpaper is not much of a resource hog, won't drain your battery. To unlock full set of features, you have to upgrade to the paid version of Koi Live Wallpaper.

City Light Show Live Wallpaper

City Light Show Live Wallpaper is not simply a wallpaper application, it is a live wallpaper instead. This live wallpaper is time-lapse night photography taken in Hong Kong for a beautiful and exciting light show. The picture is lovely and the live wallpaper offers a lot of interesting customization features that make your wallpaper outstanding.
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Galactic Core Live Wallpaper

Galactic Core is a stunning live wallpaper featuring a rotating spiral galaxy. The perspective shifts as you touch the screen. Rendered in OpenGL, and fully supporting both portrait and landscape views, and both phones and tablets. Although developed by the same people behind Koi Live Wallpaper, Galactic Core can be quite heavy on your battery.

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Sakura Falling Live Wallpaper

Sakura Falling Live Wallpaper features beautiful sakura flower falling with wind. It is the first live wallpaper from Go Wallpaper Dev Team.
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Wallpapers HD Android

Wallpapers HD application for Android features a number of really good HD quality wallpapers. It has got pretty neat interface with category support.
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Backgrounds HD Wallpapers Android

Backgrounds HD Wallpapers has a huge cache of more than 10,000 Wallpapers with new ones added almost daily. Interface is clean and uncluttered and has categories support.
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Underwater Wallpapers Android

Underwater Wallpapers consists an abundance of 115 fantastic photos of underwater sea-life, colorful fish, coral, mammals, jellyfish and more unique images for your Android device.
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Solar Wind Live Wallpaper

Another live wallpaper that will blow your mind. Solar Wind Live Wallpaper may not be as good as Koi Live Wallpaper, but definitely worth a try.
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Matrix Live Wallpaper

Best Matrix Live Wallpaper has one of the most realistic Matrix character raining effect. Though recent permission changes have created quite a furore among its loyal user base.
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wallpaper slideshow

If the above recommendations are not good enough for you, don’t worry, you can create your own wallpaper slideshow using this application. Wallpaper Slideshow enables custom photos to be used as wallpaper. I hope that in the next version, the duration of displaying the photo can be shorten, and transition effect of the photo should be added.
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day of ubuntu live wallpaper

Day of Ubuntu was not included in the original list, but definitely worth mentioning. Day of Ubuntu is a very simple live wallpaper which has got transitions based off of time of day. It's basically a live wallpaper version of the 'Day Of Ubuntu' Gnome background. Credit goes to the user who recommended it in the comments below.
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Article contributed by Angus Watson with some additions/modifications by myself.