5 More Dropbox Alternatives Recommended by Readers

Online file storage is a pressing issue these days for users on any platform. To make things easier for Linux users among you, we have already published an article featuring top Dropbox alternatives for Linux few weeks ago. Based on the feedback we got from our readers, we have decided to feature a few more of those which were not included in the original list. So here they are, 5 more Dropbox alternatives for Linux recommended by you.

5 dropbox alternatives

According to kde.org, "ownCloud aims to give everybody a personal cloud, letting them store, share and interact with their data from everywhere. But unlike competing implementations, ownCloud allows the user to easily mash up and connect data from different providers, decide where his or her data is stored and even run their own cloud server." ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or WebDAV.
ADrive dropbox alternative

ADrive uses cloud storage to provide online backup, file sharing, and online data storage. ADrive's browser-based file manager is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. And then there is the highlight, 50GB of free storage! But there is a catch, unlike Dropbox and the likes we have seen so far, the client for ADrive is not free.

AeroFS is designed to let you go beyond simple file syncing and collaboration. AeroFS is completely decentralized. You can sync files between any two or more devices with or without Internet access, over a LAN, and behind a firewall. Your files do not need to be uploaded to the cloud, so you will retain full control of your data. AeroFS is invite only for now.
syncany cloud storage

Syncany is perhaps the most recommended Dropbox alternative among the lot and the strange fact is that, Syncany is still a work in progress and no release has happened yet. But the hype building around Syncany is quite understandable. Syncany is an open-source cloud storage and filesharing application that allows users to backup and share files using any kind of storage like FTP, Amazon S3 or Google Storage. Syncany provides data encryption and uses a plug-in based storage system which can be used with any type of remote storage.
Jungle Disk dropbox alternative

Jungle Disk is an online backup tool that stores its data in Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files. It was highlighted by Amazon as one of the earliest S3 clients. The basic Jungle Disk software is sold as a monthly subscription model, and the customer is billed directly by Amazon for data storage and transfer. The first 5 GB of storage with Jungle Disk is free of any charges. Windows, Linux and Mac clients are available.