Ultimate Privacy App for Android Looks Impressive

Before getting too excited, Ultimate Privacy App is just a name and not an expression. Moving on, privacy is something we can't just take for granted anymore. Smartphone these days is accessed by family, friends and colleagues for anything and everything. Ultimate Privacy App can be a good tool to save you from unnecessary embarrassments.

Ultimate Privacy App

Ultimate Privacy App for Android - Quick List of Features
  • Hide text message.
  • Application is password protected.
  • Capability to block calls. Call popup screen and ring/vibration on any incoming call from selected contacts are blocked completely. 
  • Disguised as FuzzyGhost. You will see some ghosts flying here n there. Tap 3 times on a big white ghost and you'll get access to the real app. No one knows this but you. Application will be installed as fuzzy ghost.
Download Ultimate Privacy App for Android
You might want to install and tryout free version of this Android app before actually buying it. Meanwhile, if you really care about your privacy, here are a bunch of Firefox add-ons to make browsing safe, secure and private once again.