Nokia N9 - First Ever MeeGo Powered Nokia Device is Here!

Back in 2010 itself, it was rumored that Nokia N9 could just be the first ever MeeGo powered smartphone. Well, that just happened. But things are not half as exciting as it used be for MeeGo because of the Nokia-Microsoft deal that happened earlier in the year which practically killed MeeGo project. Though, all is not lost for MeeGo especially after the decision by Intel to go ahead with MeeGo platform without Nokia.

First Ever MeeGo Powered Nokia N9

Quick Preview of Nokia N9 UI[Video]

Have you noticed the 'swipe video' effect showcased towards the end of the video? There was not even a hint of lag! The N9 UI is Nokia's Harmattan skin atop MeeGo 1.2, which is built around three core home views. I just hope that Nokia would someday able to realize the true potential of Linux based MeeGo platform and release more smartphones like N9. Read detailed Nokia N9 review and watch more videos at engadget.