Gmediafinder - Search, Stream and Download YouTube Videos in Ubuntu

Gmediafinder is a GTK application that lets you search, view and download videos from sites like YouTube. Gmediafinder is a very good alternative to Minitube in Ubuntu. Gmediafinder PPA for Ubuntu is also available which makes its installation even easier.

Gmediafinder - Download YouTube videos in Ubuntu

Gmediafinder - Search, Stream and Download YouTube Videos
  • Gmediafinder is easy to install and use and has got a simple UI as well.
  • Supports fullscreen mode, just double click on the video. 
  • For YouTube, there is category support and there are even options for further filtering the search with 'most viewed', 'most recent' and 'most rated' categories.
How to Install Gmediafinder in Ubuntu 11.04 via PPA?
  • Do the following in Terminal.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:s-lagui/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gmediafinder
  • Done. Other distros can find Gmediafinder packages here.
I actually liked Gmediafinder more that Minitube. Even though both has a very similar list of features and UI, Minitube had serious stability issues in my system when I last tried it some months ago. I have to add that I haven't tried Minitube in Ubuntu 11.04 yet. Interested in more such apps? Check out this collection of 18 applications for Ubuntu you might find interesting.