Google Activates 400,000 Android Devices Every Day Now!

During the Google I/O 2011 keynote address, director of Android product management, Hugo Barra, presented a number of interesting statistics. Google has now activated more than 100 million Android devices worldwide and as of April 2011, Google is activating nearly 400,000 Android devices every single day. That number was just around 100,000 just an year ago!

Google I/O 2011 Android

Google I/O 2011: Keynote Day One
Google I/O brings together thousands of developers from around the world for two days of deep technical content, focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.

Delivering the keynote address, Android product management director, Hugo Barra, gave out some mind blowing statistics about the stupendous growth of Android OS. According to him, Google recently activated the 100 millionth Android device. Android is built around and actively supported by 36 OEM's, 215 carriers, 450k developers from all over the world. There are now about 310 Android devices in over 112 countries.

It took almost 2 years to reach the first billion application installs for Android devices. From there, it took just five months to reach the second billion. And today, one billion application downloads are happening every 60 days or less, taking the grand total to 4.5 billion application downloads. Also, Android Market now has more than 200,000 applications. In other words, Android market is growing stronger and faster than ever before. You might also want to watch the full Google I/O 2011 keynote speech, video below.

The other major highlights of keynote address were the introductions of Honeycomb 3.1, Ice Cream Sandwich(newest Android OS platform which is going to run on all types of Android devices and thereby resolving the OS fragmentation issue, to an extent), Movie Rentals and Music Beta(US users only for now), Android Open Accessory and the awesome new Android@Home concept which has the potential to truly revolutionize our every day lives.