Broadcom Joins the Likes of Intel, AMD - Becomes a Part of Linux Foundation

Year 2010 proved to be a gold mine as far as Linux Foundation is concerned. Not only did the adoption of Linux grew by leaps and bounds, primarily through Android OS and rest via popular Linux based distros like Ubuntu, the number of official Linux Foundation members also increased dramatically.

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Broadcom Joins Linux Foundation
Broadcom joins the likes of multinationals like Intel, AMD, IBM, Motorola etc. and is now a part of Linux Foundation. As every year goes by, the relevance of Linux in the whole ecosystem is growing ever bigger. 2010 was no different. In 2010, the Linux Foundation added at least 23 new members to its ranks.

In contrast, only 8 organizations publicly announced that they had joined the Linux Foundation in 2009. According to, currently the Linux Foundation has approximately 78 member companies, as organizations big and small continue to embrace Linux.

"We're thankful to be in a stable position and that new companies from new industries - and older companies, too - are interested in joining the Linux Foundation," Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs, Linux Foundation told "We have expanded programs to shift with the shifts of Linux." She noted that being a non-profit organization means that the Linux Foundation always has to have an eye on the future and the bottom line.

The Linux Foundation's growth comes after only three years of existence. In January 2007, the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) merged with the Free Standards Group (FSF) to create what is now known as Linux Foundation.

One of the things that the Linux Foundation has been able to do from the very beginning is to add in new member companies that previously were not part of the OSDL. One such company is silicon vendor Broadcom which is officially joining the Linux Foundation this week. Broadcom recently open sourced some of its Wi-Fi drivers which has helped to improve wireless access in the recent 2.6.37 Linux kernel. McPherson noted that the Linux Foundation has been talking and working with Broadcom for some time. [more detailed report at linuxplanet]