Getting Things GNOME - Useful Tool to Get Things Done!

Getting Things Gnome(GTG) is a nice and simple tool to organize and manage your tasks and time efficiently. GTG uses a very handy text edition system for task creation and edition. The task editor can automatically recognize metadata such as tags and subtasks only by the use of a very simple syntax.

Some Key Aspects of Getting Things GNOME!(GTG)
  • GTG is down to earth simple and intuitive.
  • With GTG, you will be able to use tags if you want to sort tasks (a word begining with "@" is automatically a tag). You could use subtasks also if you want.
  • All your tasks in one place, makes life a lot more simpler. 
  • More info on GTG here.
How to Install Getting Things GNOME(GTG) in Ubuntu
  • Latest GTG version is 0.2.4 and it's available in Ubuntu repositories by default if you are using Ubuntu Lucid or Maverick.
sudo apt-get install gtg
  • Done. Applications - Office - Getting Things GNOME!

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