Nero Linux 4 - Never Knew Nero had a Linux Version!

This might not be a news at all for most among you, but I was totally surprised when I first came to know about Nero Linux 4, a Linux version of Nero CD burning tool.

Nero Linux 4 Ubuntu

Nero Linux 4 - Simply Rip, Burn and Copy for Linux OS
Nero Linux 4 costs $9.99, but there is a demo version also available for free download. And you can use the demo version to get a clearer picture of Nero Linux 4. I gave it a try in my Ubuntu 10.10 and here are some screenshots you might be interested in.

Nero Linux 4

Nero Linux 4 Ubuntu

Though there are impressive CD burning tools like K3B and Brasero available for free in Linux, you might want to give a try at proprietary alternatives also. Download links below.

Buy Nero Linux 4
  • In Ubuntu, download .deb package and simply double click to install it. Done.
PS: Please bear in mind that I tried only Nero Linux 4 demo and I have no idea how the full version of Nero Linux 4 is going to work. So buy it at your own risk.