How to Install Deluge 1.3.1 in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid

Though Transmission is good, Deluge has always been my favorite bit torrent client in Ubuntu. It is nice and simple to use and feature packed as well. Deluge hit version 1.3.1 few days ago. Here is what you need to do install latest Deluge in Ubuntu.

What's New in Deluge 1.3?
Deluge 1.3 was the last stable release and it brought many important changes. Here are some the most important advancements brought about by latest Deluge release.
  • Add max active downloading and seeding options to scheduler.
  • Fix scheduler so that it keeps current state, even after global settings change.
  • Fix issue where the save_timer is cancelled when it's not active.
  • Fix unhandled exception when adding a torrent to the session.
  • Ignore global stop ratio related settings in logic, so per torrent ones are used.
  • Full list of changes here.
How to Install Deluge 1.3.1 in Ubuntu Maverick, Lucid via PPA?
  • You need to add Deluge team PPA to get the latest Deluge release. Simply do the following in Terminal.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install deluge
  • Done. Launch application from Applications - Internet - Deluge.