10 Cool Screenlets for Ubuntu GNOME

If you haven't used Screenlets in your Ubuntu yet, it is an excellent application to experiment with. And hundreds of useful third party user contributed screenlets are available for free. Here is a quick review of some of the best user contributed screenlets available for Ubuntu GNOME.

Install Screenlets Manager
Before getting started, you need to install screenlets manager first. It is available in the default ubuntu repositories. Just search for 'screenlets' in Ubuntu Software Center or simply do the following in terminal.

sudo apt-get install screenlets

Now, you can access screenlets manager from Applications - Accessories - Screenslets. It consists of a good number of screenlets as default. Lets start reviewing useful user contributed screenlets available among others.

Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Wallpaper clocks are incredible and if you haven't ever tried them before, it's surely going to blow you away. Wallpaper Clock requires Wallpaper Clock screeenlet. Do read detailed installation instructions for Wallpaper Clocks in Ubuntu.

Day Night

DayNight shows the distribution between day and night on earth. The image is updated every 5 minutes. The images of the earth change during the year, also reflecting the seasons. I won't prefer to use this screenlet everyday, but its worth trying out. Download Day Night Screenlet.

Disk Space Screenlet

Disk Space Screenlet displays free/used space information for selected hard drives, based on the Disk Usage Screenlet by Helder Fraga (aka Whise), which is in turn based on the Disk screenlet. Download Disk Space Screenlet.

Freemeteo Weather Screenlet

Freemeteo is a nice and simple weather screenlet for your Ubuntu. There is nothing fancy about, it just works. And most importantly, its have support for almost all commonly known places on earth. Download Freemeteo Weather Screenlet.

Smooth Weather Screenlet

Another not so simple weather screenlet. Package includes the Blue theme for ClearWeather and another themes which is based on the Blue theme, but uses the Shiny icons instead. Download Smooth Weather Screenlet.

Quotes Screenlet

A simple screenlet which generates random quotations from a database at user specified intervals. Download Quotes Screenlets.

MusicPlayerDaemon (MPD Screenlet)
MusicPlayerDaemon is a MPD client screenlet. If you like the simplicity of other command line based MPD clients, this one is not for you. You might want to try it at least once though. Download MPD Client Screenlet.

Analog Clock Ring

You might have noticed those rings in the first screenshot. It's called Analog Clock Ring screenlet. Download Analog Clock Ring screenlet. And there is a good alternative in the form of Clock Ring Screenlet. Equally good IMO.

Manometer Screenlet
Manometer screenlet, is a CPU-meter, memory-meter and system temperature control with the look and feel of an old manometer. Download Manometer Screenlet.

Random Password Generator Screenlet

Another useful screenlet which generates random passwords quickly. Hit enter or tab for a new password , the passwords get auto stored in the clipboard to make things easy. Download Random Password Generator Screenlet.

Please note that, though I have tried almost all screenlets above, I can't give you any assurances about how good these screenlets are going to work for you. Meanwhile, you might want to browse through screenlets directory further.

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