Nokia to Focus on Qt for Its MeeGo and Symbian Mobile OS

Nokia in a recent blog post have announced that, they are planning for a major shift in strategy by focusing on Qt framework for its MeeGo and Symbian mobile phone operating systems instead of the already old symbian development platform.

Qt framework

Nokia's Focus on Qt Development Framework
Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with graphical user interface. Qt is a free and open source software licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (among others). Nokia's move to base all its future mobile OS development on an open source tool is a welcome development.

Nokia conversations adds that, "the company is making Qt its sole application development framework – meaning, that if a developer creates their application in Qt, they’ll be able to easily deploy it to Nokia devices on Symbian and MeeGo platforms. Nokia is taking this approach seriously, making the commitment to create its own applications and UI on Qt as well."

Rich Green, CTO, on Nokia's New Development Strategy

Qt is already famous for open source Linux MeeGo stack, a project formed by merging Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo Linux stacks, and MeeGo is all set for its grant entry into netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and other similar devices. It is rumored that, Nokia N9 could just be the first ever MeeGo powered mobile phone. MeeGo, Android, ChromeOS - Signs of linux going mainstream finally? We will have to wait and watch. Some really interesting times lies ahead.