London Stock Exchange Sets a New World Record in Trade Speed Using Linux

London Stock Exchange(LSE) is in the news once again for all the right reasons. Linux holds the limelight this time. LSE claims that, it has set  a new world record in trade speed by using Linux instead of Microsoft .Net technology on the group’s main stock exchange.

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The Big Switchover
London Stock Exchange claims that, it's new Linux based core is churning out world record networking speed, with 126 microsecond trading times. This is welcome news since London Stock Exchange is all set for a major switchover to Linux from Microsoft .Net technology in another 12 days. This is in tune with another major study by Fortune Magazine which claims that, corporate America is choosing open source solutions ahead of proprietary alternatives.

The LSE had long been criticised on speed and reliability, grappling with trading speeds of several hundred microseconds. With the switchover to Linux, LSE hopes to be on top once again in terms of speed, reliability and other factors.

The record breaking times were measured on the LSE’s Turquoise smaller dark pool trading venue, where trades are conducted anonymously. That network switched over to Linux from Cinnober technology two weeks ago. Speed is crucial as more firms trade automatically at lightning speed, using advanced algorithms.

The 126 microsecond speed is “twice as fast” as its main international competitors. Two more dress rehearsals yet to complete with the new Linux based core and if they are also completed without any troubles, the LSE will open on Linux on 1 November, otherwise it will postpone the launch for a fortnight. [via computerworlduk]